Call for Applications

APPLICATIONS DUE: June 19, 2017 at 5PM EST

About CHIL's Small Grants Program: 

Children’s Health Incentives Lab (CHIL) invites applications from undergraduate students to compete for the 2017 Behavioral Science for Healthy Children Challenge! This challenge serves as a very unique opportunity for one highly motivated undergraduate to learn about and develop a program to promote healthy behaviors in children (i.e., eating healthy and being active) through the use of behavioral science practices. This program can be a one-time workshop or an ongoing intervention or project in a location. One winner will be awarded up to $500 by CHIL’s Board of Directors.*

How This Works: 

The winner willl...

  1. PROPOSE a project, which includes selecting a particular target group (e.g., children ages 10-12) and deciding upon the duration (e.g., 3 weeks)
  2. IMPLEMENT this project independently and without supervision although CHIL staff will be available to mentor and support the student. The winner will independently develop short-term and long-term goals that can be achieved over the duration of the project.
  3.  THINK of quantifiable metrics to ascertain the impact of the project within the target group of children.
  4. PRESENT his or her findings to the CHIL team and a guest panel of interdisciplinary practitioners in the field at the end of summer.

We anticipate the winner of this year's challenge will have very wide latitude in designing, implementing, and evaluating a behavioral science for health project from scratch over the 2017 summer. CHIL encourages the winner of the grant to learn about various behavioral science practices and evidence-based interventions that have positively changed behaviors, and to use what they learn to implement a small-scale project.



  • Student Application Deadline: June 19, 2017
  • Applicants Notified: End of June
  • Presentation to Board of Directors: October/November

How to Apply: 


    • All applicants for the challenge must be current undergraduate students who are not graduating in the 2016-2017 academic year. 
    • As part of the application for the challenge, students will need to provide a detailed description of their projects. They must also provide plans for how many participants they plan to include, how they intend to recruit participants, and how they intend to seek consent from parents of participants below 18 years of age.


    What to Submit:

    • Your resume. We want to get to know you!
    • A completed application, including a description of the project and a short budget proposal (example here) stating how the funds will be utilized.

    deadline: JUNE 19, 2017

    *Funds are not meant to be used for indirect costs (e.g., student food or rent expenses).  Funds must be strictly used for project expenses such as the purchase of UV bracelets or marketing materials.