This organization is guided by these core values:

1.     The best opportunity for success requires a child’s self-empowerment and belief that he or she can drive his or her own life.

2.     Every child deserves the opportunity to learn the skills to do this.

3.     Incorporating the lessons and skills from different disciplines will allow us to generate the best ideas and results.

4.     Evidence-based practices and impact evaluation are essential for developing the best programs.

In order to meet these goals, generate meaningful conversation, develop impactful programs, and to evaluate our programs so that we may best disseminate best practices, we organize periodic conferences around our current themes.

The goals of our conference will be:

1.     To bring together thought leaders and practitioners in all fields: education, behavioral economics, technology, medicine, management, and public health.

2.     To develop a program or product that incentivizes positive health behaviors. Product and program development components include:

a.     Coding “Hack-a-thon”

b.     Poster session presented by practitioners on ongoing projects.

3.     To engage practitioners working with children and adolescents and to assist them with piloting the program/product in the coming year

4.     To publish proceedings from the conference for dissemination.

5.     To present impact and evaluation results from the preceding year’s products.

Details for our conference are currently under development

Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan

Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan