Fever 1793, Our Integrated Curriculum

One of our ongoing projects is to work with teachers to develop curricula that integrate physical activity into all academic subjects. This curriculum targets students age 9-12 (5th-8th grade) and is centered around the historical fiction book Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson. 

Fourteen-year old Mattie Cook has fled Philadelphia with her grandfather during the Yellow Fever epidemic. As she travels her way back to Philadelphia in the novel, students not only understand the impact of Yellow Fever on American society in the late 1700s, they themselves will travel with Mattie Cook as well. Each student will be given a pedometer and calculate how many steps they will have to walk from New York City to Philadelphia and they themselves walk that length while reading and learning from the book. 

As we continue to develop our curriculum to integrate additional elements of action-oriented activities such as having students map out of far they walk everyday or implementing a social element with fellow students or family members, we invite your feedback and ideas. 

Please feel free to download our current curriculum version (1.0) here and our travel consent form here

We are grateful to our partner ideas42.org for their continued guidance and feedback as we develop this project for our students.