Winter activity ideas for kids…that you haven’t already done!

With winter weather disrupting school from Seattle to North Carolina in the past couple weeks, kids may be going  stir-crazy. You may have worn out the classic snow-time activities—baking, sledding, forts, etc.—by this time of year. What are ways to keep kids active and engaged in the final stretch of the cold season? We’ve compiled a list of several novel, health-minded activities to try out.

1.    Kids yoga: a great way to keep children moving indoors! There are plenty of simple poses that can stretch muscles, challenge balance, and introduce concepts like mindfulness mindfulness.

2.    Snow painting: this art activity will get kids’ creative juices flowing, allowing them to express their thoughts while taking advantage of the winter snow! The instructions call for spray bottles, cold water, and powder paint, but note that the powder paint can be easily substituted with food coloring.

3.    Learn about your family tree: if you’re a parent and you’ve got a master tree, pull it out and tell some stories! Even better, call up some relatives and have them share things they remember! If you don’t have access to a pre-made tree, help your child make their own. It’s never too early for kids to learn about where they came from and their family’s background.

4.    Make maple syrup snow candy: the health and wellness benefits of this one are more questionable, but this easy activity can help kids learn a bit of chemistry as they interact with snow and the outdoors! With some fresh snow and maple syrup, this treat is a special way to satisfy your child’s (and your own!) sweet tooth.