Let’s keep our minds engaged over the summer!

School’s almost out, and as families prep for the summer, it can be good to help kids’ brains stay active and healthy. Stimulating the mind over the summer, which of course can be combined with relaxation and play, makes it easier for kids to transition back into school mode in August. As we all know, the mind and body are linked, so we came up with some ideas that can keep your child engaged inside or outside the house during the long summer days! Definitely check out our previous blog on some good ideas to make exercise fun and motivating for children over the warmer months.

  • Blow bubbles: It can teach deep breathing, which is healthy for the heart and mind. Besides bringing a calming energy, it can also get your child out and about!

  • Visit the local library: There are always fun summer activities planned at the library, as well as reading challenges and the opportunity to win prizes. It gets kids using their brains and some time out of the house!

  • Visit museums and local parks: Maybe you can check out a book from the library about a topic from the museum that interests your child, or a book about nature to take with them to the park!

  • Try learning Yoga: Not only does it involve both the mind and body, but just like blowing bubbles, it can be a good start or end to an active day. Cosmic Kids Yoga even has videos up for kids to follow and have fun with!

  • Teach your child how to use a stopwatch: This mom tried it and surprisingly it got her daughter to stay engaged with her own experiments in the house, like how long she could stand on one foot for!

  • Try cooking together: Have you checked out our recipe post on making blueberry muffins yet? When it gets too hot outside, this can be a perfect indoor activity!

  • Encourage volunteering: If your child loves animals, call your local animal shelter if they accept young volunteers! Some may accept children within a certain age to volunteer, or if they come with an adult. Habitat for Humanity has a youth program that offers volunteer opportunities to students as young as age five. Some other ideas include nursing homes, soup kitchens, or the local zoo. Here is also a resource guide with some websites to search for civic engagement opportunities: it’s never too early!

With that, happy summer!