2017 Pedometer Program Recap

This year, we got kids to become more physically active through yet another successful Step It Up pedometer program. We worked with two schools and one community-based organization, and provided students and teachers with 200 pedometers this year.

Throughout Step It Up, we have spoken to a student, teachers, and a social worker about their experiences, and found that pedometers more than increased physical activity among participants. Step It Up helped students become more competitive, learn about goal-setting, and encouraged students to collaborate with each other to work as a team.

We would also like to give a huge thanks to the everyone who participated and supportedStep It Up. Thanks to you, we are one step closer to getting more kids moving and forming healthy habits.

We spoke to some of the teachers and students from the program and here is what they had to say about Step It Up:

The pedometers are a great tool for students to use...This day and age, it’s crucial to have integration of technology with fitness...The pedometers are great to bring into any physical education or health class to jumpstart fitness, especially for students who are apprehensive about working out in groups because they’re embarrassed or nervous. When it’s just them, alone, and the pedometer, they don’t have any hold-ups. They can just go out and do it.
— Eric Seely, teacher at Achievement First University Prep High School
Some of the students did a family thing. They got their sister or brother involved to walk with them when they were getting their steps.
— Steve Lieberman, teacher at EPIC High School
Because they were working so closely together for the pedometer program, they had to work together...to get them out of their funk and [that] made their relationship stronger.
— Lucas Slattery, social worker at Boys Hope Girls Hope
The pedometers motivated me to be a lot more fit and be active in my life...Instead of exercising just once a week, I upped it to three and then to four times a week, to meet the steps, I decided to run more... I definitely saw how effective the pedometers were.
— Jabari Boss, 12th grade student at Achievement First University Prep High School