Sleep, Exercise and Sugar

Sleep, exercise and sugar have been the most talked about topics this past week when it comes to health. Here are some interesting articles we have read recently. 

  • A new study shows that parents reflect their own sleep experience on their children. 

Parents With Sleep Problems Think Their Children Have Them, Too NYTimes

Parents Sleeping Badly? They Make Think Their Children Are, Too NPR

  • Did you know there is a difference between being "sedentary" and being "physically active?" Great explanation on NYTimes' "Ask Well" column can be found below.

Ask Well: Does Taking Fewer Than 5,000 Steps a Day Make You Sedentary? NYTimes

  • Thinking about losing weight with just exercise? The Atlantic explains that increased physical activity may actually slow down your metabolism, according to recent studies.

Exercise in Futility The Atlantic

  • Instead of citing the health benefits of soda taxes, a Philadelphia mayor pitched soda taxes as a source of revenue. Could his method make soda taxes more appealing to politicians?

Making a Soda Tax More Politically Palatable NYTimes 

  • The Guardian wrote a long, yet informative, article explaining how sugar was known to cause health problems since the 70's, but it wasn't always a widely accepted idea. 

The sugar conspiracy The Guardian