GivingTuesday 2016: Make a Difference

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we hope you consider supporting CHIL, so that we can continue our mission to help build healthier lives for students all over NYC. Here at CHIL, we help youth and adolescents develop healthy habits and behaviors that will have a lifelong impact. Our main question is: “How can we create a world with the right incentives that is fun as well?” In a world that often disincentivizes healthy behaviors in adolescents, especially in urban areas, we believe this question is important for the health and future of all children and students. You can read more about our mission here.


One of our most successful programs has been our Step It Up program. Since its inception, we’ve partnered up with physical education classes in New York City schools to provide more than 90 students with pedometers to wear over the course of a semester. We worked with educators to incorporate our program into their classrooms, and gave students tangible goals to work towards during the program and beyond. As a results, students said that the pedometers encouraged them to be more physically active, and that they felt the pedometers helped them improve aspects of their lives even outside class.


Of course, there are thousands of students in NYC alone who would benefit from programs like Step It Up. Please consider donating to CHILNYC, so that we can reach even more students and develop more programs. Help us to expand on our projects, so that we can help students build healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.  Create a healthier, brighter future for students and communities who need it the most by donating to CHILNYC today.


Thank you so much for your support!