Design Thinking For The New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!

We hope you had a great holiday season and are now ready to create healthier habits and behaviors for you and your family. 

The New York Times wrote an article about "design thinking" a couple of days ago and it got us wondering how we can design our daily lives to solve complex problems when it comes to developing healthy habits for children. Whether we are figuring out ways we can encourage children to be more physically active or educating them on healthier food options, we can use design thinking to make steps towards developing healthy behaviors in children. 

Here are the four steps to design thinking, according to the The New Year Times article:

Step 1 is to “empathize” — learn what the real issues are that need to be solved. Next, “define the problem” — a surprisingly tough task. The third step is to “ideate” — brainstorm, make lists, write down ideas and generate possible solutions. Step 4 is to build a prototype or create a plan. The final step is to test the idea and seek feedback from others.

What kind of healthy habits and behaviors would you like your child to develop this year? What are some of your ideas using the four steps of design thinking?