Alma Sana's Vaccine Bracelets

We recently passed out UV sensing, color-changing, bracelets to families and children in New York City. We hope our simple reminders will help people remember to protect their skin from the sun and to encourage people be more active throughout the year. Using bracelets, we hope to trigger behavioral changes and challenge bracelet wearers to an Yearlong CHIL Summer Challenge!

As a nonprofit organization trying to come up with low-cost ways to encourage healthy habits in families and children (such as our color-changing, UV sensing bracelets), we were excited to hear about another nonprofit that successfully used bracelets as reminders to vaccinate children in underserved communities in Peru. 

The New York Times recently wrote about Alma Sana, a nonprofit that fits bracelets around newborn babies' ankles to remind mothers and nurses of vaccinations the child needs. The bracelet shows symbols indicating a vaccine for various viruses. After a baby receives a vaccine, a hole is punched on a symbol. 

Simple bracelets can be a multifunctional tool to remind people about their health. Alma Sana's bracelets are a perfect example of how bracelets can be used as an accessible, easy, reminder device.