Final Week of Our Pedometer Project: Success at AFUPHS

We visited Achievement First University Prep High School for the last time this semester.  During our visit, we interviewed Eric Seely, the physical education teacher we worked with this academic semester, and some of his students and asked them to tell us about their experience with the pedometers.

In general, students said the pedometers we lent them motivated them to be more physically active. They also found the gadgets useful in improving different aspects of their lives outside of their PE class. Surprisingly for us, many students found it so useful that they now want to purchase one for themselves. Although some students were able to get one with the help of their parents, other students said they want to find alternative means to acquire their own pedometer.

Meet Mr. Seely and his students and hear what they thought of CHIL's pedometer project.

Deliyon Charles is one of the most energetic students in Mr. Seely's afternoon class. After completing several cartwheels, he still had more than enough energy to race around the school's rooftop soccer field. Listen to Deliyon talk about how the pedometer has changed his personal outlook. 

Jonathan Canales thinks pedometers are more useful than phones when it comes to tracking his steps. Hear him talk about his experience with the clip-on pedometer and why he thinks they are necessary. 

Lynel Johnson is involved in every sport AFUPHS offers (i.e. volleyball, basketball, and track and field). Lynel hopes to be a professional athlete and said pedometers are useful in helping her track her progress. Listen to Lynel talk about her experience with the wristband pedometer. 

Constance Wegman was a skeptic at first, but she is now a proud owner of a Fitbit. She said she asked her mother for one after realizing how useful pedometers can be after all. Listen to Constance explain how pedometers have helped her be more aware of her physical activity and health.

Last, but not least, meet Mr. Seely. He discusses the changes he has observed in his students this semester and talks about his experience working with the pedometers from a teacher's perspective. 

Thank you to our donors for making this project a huge success! We hope you will continue to support us in our efforts to build healthier habits for children in New York City.