Pedometer Project: Midpoint Recap

We recently visited the Achievement First University Prep High School to see how students are faring with the pedometers so far. We have learned that the pedometers have been useful and encouraging for students and for their physical education teacher.

Eric Seely, the PE teacher collaborating with us on this project, plans his class around students' activity levels thanks to information gathered by his students. From the students' perspective, they find the pedometers useful in learning more about themselves and it has even nudged some students to be more physically active. 

"When I'm tracking it, I can actually see that I'm doing something because before, we would be in the gym and if I run around, I don't feel like I'm doing anything," said Constance Wegman, a 15 year old participating in the project. "We check before and after and I see that I've improved and that I've made a difference," she said. 

PE teacher, Eric Seely, leads his Thursday afternoon class. He gives a brief lecture on pedometer goals and asks students ways they can increase their daily steps outside of school. Seely emphasizes the message that students should reach 10,000 steps a day, the Surgeon General's recommendation for physical activity. 

Eric Seely passes papers to his students. Students are expected to pair up and record each other's activity during class. 

Shania Inniss, a 15 year-old sophomore, shows off her wristband pedometer in class. 

Another student shows us the different functions of clip-on pedometers. 

During class, students are assigned exercise repetitions to complete in class. One student is completing her set while the other records how fast her classmate can finish her workout.

Another student completes a set of burpees in class. 

A student is shown recording her classmate's physical activity.

Grouped students come up with their own team names. Team names include "Spongebob Gang" "Enchanted Applesauce" and "Eggs, Bacon, Grits" just to name a few. The printout shows each team's name and the number of steps each group has taken so far. 

Students run laps around their gym to reach their daily step requirements.