Freakonomics Podcast: When Willpower Isn't Enough

We know that sometimes sole willpower is simply not enough on some long, exhausting days. What can we do to motivate us even for those who struggle with willpower?

Katherine Milkman, assistant professor at the Wharton School at Penn, talks about two of her ideas on the Freakonomics podcast:

1. She explains "temptation bundling," her idea of combining one unappealing activity with one activity you would like to do. She gives several examples in the podcast.

So what if you only let yourself get a pedicure while catching up on overdue emails for work? Or what if you only let yourself listen to your favorite CDs while catching up on household chores.
— Katherine Milkman

2. She also talks about the "fresh start effect," the idea that people are more motivated to achieve their goals when they feel they've been given a new start. Some examples of when people seem the most motivated starts in the beginning a new week, or a new year, or after their birthdays. 

 Click below to listen to the episode. You can also view the show's transcript here