CHIL Yearlong Summer Challenge: Blog Post 2

Welcome to our second CHIL Summer Challenge post. Hopefully you’ve been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to get out and get moving. It will start to cool off soon, so let’s get ready to find new ways to move and play each day. 

Parents and teachers might be wondering how to include activity into the school day without making kids so excited they can’t focus or taking away from important academic activities. We agree that these are important goals! That’s why we can’t wait to share some great news with you:

60 minutes of activity each day has been shown to improve academic performance and attendance and increase concentration in the classroom. 

Physical education classes have been sharply diminishing as academic requirements have increased. Instead of spending time moving, kids are sitting in classrooms. Not only are kids moving less, but they’re learning less about what types of movement are important to incorporate in an exercise regiment and how different athletic activities affect their bodies. 

We’re going to spend the next few blog posts talking about how parents and teachers, and even kids, can get involved to make sure their schools are incorporating physical activity whenever possible.

Stay tuned for more information!