Type 1 Diabetes Care Lacking in Schools

The New York Times reported that many school children with Type 1 diabetes are facing discrimination. Some examples of this include students not being admitted to certain schools, being forced to transfer to different schools, not being allowed to join field trips and sports practices, according to the article. 

The story said that school administrators are afraid of encountering legal problems if medical problems arise while treating a student. Some parents interviewed in the story said they have had to drop their errands, leave their jobs in the middle of a work day, and have completely pulled their child out of school because of the lack of support from school administrators when it comes to treating their child’s Type 1 diabetes. 

Here are some statistics that show how many people in the U.S. and in New York have diabetes:

  • The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation reports that out of the 1.25 million Americans who have Type 1 diabetes, 200,000 of the this population are youths under 20 years old.
  • The American Diabetes Association reports that diabetes hits Latino/Hispanic and African American New Yorkers the most. In Latinos/Hispanics, 28 percent are diagnosed with diabetes while 31 percent are African Americans. 

Have you ever encountered these difficulties as a parents raising a child with Type 1 diabetes? What is your story and what were your solutions?

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